Square backpack – grey

Square backpack – grey

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  • 27 x 38.5 x 13 cm or 29.5 x 42 x 13 cm

  • Front and back outside pockets

  • Laptop pocket on a velcro strip closure

  • Double canvas straps


Minimalist design backpack for every day essentials. This backpack is made from industrial grade jacron paper, which is extremely tough and capable of carrying up to 10 kg. Foldable, collapsible design of this backpack allows to effortlessly pack it during trips. Inside, Square Backpack fits a 13.3-15.6” laptop, which can be secured in place in a special pocket compartment. The item also boasts a highly functional concealed zip on the back for every day essentials like keys and wallets. The papertex backpack material is 100% water-resistant and tear-proof , made with vegan-friendly industrial grade jacron paper textile. No leather, 100% vegan friendly design.

Did you know? Instead of just any trees, only specially cultivated crops with a short lifespan are used to sustainably make paper. These trees are called Subabul and Casuarina.

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