.unfold is an experimental fashion accessories brand established in 2018 in camden town, london. we specialise in lifestyle bags & accessories made with jacron paper.


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.evgeny myshkin, a post-graduate from the university of east anglia, is the persona behind the unfold brand. hailing from moscow, russia, evgeny has always been passionate about textile as his family manufactures school uniform in moscow for over 20 years. bringing this passion to the uk, coupled with some forward-thinking and modern design ideas, essentially created unfold, the brand.

.paper-based fashion concept was created as a result of a series of fun brainstorms in spring/summer between 2018. the task was to develop a unique small business idea for a sustainable fashion brand. minimalist, ethical and vegan-friendly were the key words. the brand name signifies development, expansion, exploration and has been conjured up even before unfold became the paper backpack brand. our location choice was camden market as it attracts hundreds of thousands of people of all backgrounds and nationalities into one mind-blowing melting pot. just the right place to share our idea with the world.

.jacron paper was discovered by us during our market research for available leather-alternatives. we were studying everything from cork to rubber, from recycled plastics to upcycled junk parts. finally we’ve discovered that the material, used in jeans badges is a particular kind of kraft paper, which has fantastic durability properties, isn’t afraid of water (everyone washed their jeans at least once in their life.. we hope), and is made with 100% renewable cellulose polymer. thus, our search for collection material ended.

.besides the jacron paper, we utilise cork, organic cotton & polyurethane (typically for button popper holders & straps). all our materials are 100% vegan-friendly and do not contain any unnecessary chemical additives or toxic dyes. below you can find some of the production pics.


.every design by unfold, is created in north london. the process typically starts with a few sketches, that result in test samples, which in turn sometimes end up becoming our serial models. jacron paper is a unique material, fairly easy to work with. although, it requires leather bag making machinery to cut the patterns and sew the patterns together into the final products.