Stop Motion

About a month ago I have started a collaboration with @FranticFrames, a young and talented stop-motion animator from New Zealand. I have always been a fant of stop motion, mostly because of my music passions: Devin Townsend (namely his project Casualties of Cool) and Steven Wilson both make their fantastic music videos using stop-motion. I have also recently watched Isle of Dogs by Wes Anderson and it seriously kicks ass. It took the team almost 2 years to hand-make this movie literally piece by piece.

Long story short, I had an idea after wasting my time on Instagram to make something similar showcasing Unfold designs. I’ve sent a few wallets to the Frantic Frames and he made 5 videos which you can find on my website under some corresponding wallet products. I loved these a lot and hope to be able to creatively advertise my product with the same outside the box approach while paying the homage to people, who inspire me to do my work.