January in Camden

January is one of the quieter months and there is no better time to do renovations. Renovations are generally a good sign of strategy (hopefully) being implemented with the goals set to conquer the horizon of tomorrow for Camden shopping. The place is old, really old and was a little run down. The selection of traders was questionable at times, but it definitely had its charm. It’s high time the market has a little facelift.

On the other hand, the emptiness and the noise and the disconnect between the old sections of the market and the new just makes you sigh and scratch your head. We all, who have our permanent shops and stalls at Camden have our daily jobs there too. The ones that put bread on our table. We manage the stock, do our own renovations, social media, etc. Yet Camden is not busy right now, not at all. And the remaining weekday visitors must be puzzled with the market’s appearance right now. Besides the dreary weather, there’s plenty of construction works, quasi shop imitations, empty units and long walkways without much to see. For me as a shop owner it leaves a dual impression, and I am sure for the customers too.

January is the wrong time to have a shop in Camden. And it used not to be like this. February was this type of a month. And we haven’t even reached it yet. Amen.