Upcoming Events

We have planned a few events in March 2019. Apart from the occassional Bricklane markets on the weekends in London, we will make an appearance in BOXPARK Shoredich. Pretty exciting news for us actually and a big honour. It will be tricky to pull off with the current amount of stock and designs that we have, but we’ll try and make that a nice destination for your March shopping. At least for a week!

  • 11.03-17.03 Boxpark Shoreditch (Map)

After that we are going to visit the world-famous Vegfest UK in Brighton. It is one of the largest vegan exhibitions in the UK. It attracts vegan foodies, animal lovers, bodybuilding enthusiasts, fashion experts. It’s astonishingly versatile and fun. We’ve been to a number of these over the last few years in London, Bristol and Brighton. Always a blast. Don’t miss it! They charge a bit for the tickets, but it sure as hell is worth it.

  • 23.03-24.03 Vegfest UK Brighton @ Brighton Center (Map)

You obviously can find us in Camden in both Lock and Stables as always during these dates.