Web Design Updates

Today has been about the finishing touches to the new website look. What I really was focusing on is the synchronisation of selected colour on the product page with the image shown. I also made it so the product preview only shows the images of the colour currently selected.

Another small tweak was to replace the text colour picker to graphic based colourful circles. I really want to give the website a more vibrant, friendly and easy to use look.

Finally, the ‘add to cart'“ button is now scalable to fit the screen size and now will be hard to miss! As I use Squarespace to make this website, I had to Inspect the button using Google Chrome inspect tool, add the needed code, and paste the updated code into my page. Sounds hard, but it’s not really.

For the first two tweaks I used two really great plug-ins designed especially for Squarespace. You can find them here and use promo-code PLUG10 to save 10% on any of their plug-ins. I haven’t checked that website in while and just had those 2 plugins on my computer from the time I bought them. Might add some other things in the future. Any ideas for an easier to use website experience?


New Website Look

Happy new 2019. Happy new us! Our website has undergone some visual updates to improve its functionality and usability. Actually we were quite happy with the 2018 look. It was very sleek and clean, yet we discovered that most of our website visitors are using smartphones and we needed to resize a few bits and pieces and more. Hope you enjoy it! Any feedback is welcome.