Corner wallet – grey

Corner wallet – grey

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  • 10 x 8.5 cm

  • Holds 10+ cards

  • Suitable for notes and coins

  • Card divider inside

  • Zipper closure


Coin pouch / card wallet made for minimal every day carry. As can be seen on the video below, this card pouch sports a card divider, which helps arrange the cards or banknotes in perfect order. Closed with a high quality zip, papertex card pouch will keep your belongings safe without creating a bulk in your pocket. It is a 100% vegan-friendly item, produced with 1 sheet of papertex jacron paper, a unique, industrial grade tough and water-resistant material.

Did you know? The A-size paper standard was developed in Germany in 1920s and was adopted as an international standard (except for the USA) in 1970s.

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